About me.

Bonjour, Chao, Hola, Hallo, Hey, Hi, Hello.

I’m Jules, or otherwise Julia (don’t think that was that hard to guess), and I’m basically going to start with stating a few things about me that I think pretty much quickly sum up my 19-year-old self. As boring as it may sound I’m going to try and make them as interesting as possible for you all to read.

*Warning some of these may be eh. & result in some of you rolling your eyes or sighing*

  • I’m a very tall human being and almost every time someone meets me I get the, “oh wow your tall”.
  • I absolutely adore Beyonce and don’t care what anyone says otherwise.
  • I spend most days on the gram, Snapchat, Spotify, or chasing my cat around the house trying to cuddle her to death even though she bites me every time. #Mi$hMi$h.
  • I LOVE CATS and just animals in general.
  • I’m that person at a cafe or restaurant who tells the waiter to keep going for like 5 minutes when they’re grating parmesan on top of pasta.
  • I’m Russian and Ukranian, and no I’m not communist. Just a big fan of Putin, love his work.
  • And as well as recently starting my first year of University in Communication and Media (Digital and Social Media) at Wollongong, I also model on the rare occasion and love to dance…. to Rasputin.  (Boney M, really hope you guys know that song and if you don’t get onto it please it’s a classic anthem, we all get Spotify $6 a month now).

But for now, it’s JustJules and you and I shall continue to digitally reconnect every week as I embark on the next three years of my new journey at an institution such as Wollongong University, as well as that other thing called…uh…..LIFE.

Now here’s a little gallery of photo’s summing up me and my life…