Analogue Photography Major.







“It is pure, it is painful, it is sweet, it is beautiful, it is delicate, it is strong, it is small, it is big, it is far, and it is wide, it is love.

Love is more than a physical interest to someone, it is an emotional attachment, it is a feeling, the strongest possible feeling in the world. My choice of subject comes from a deep and personal interest in one’s emotional attachment and connection to a person, thing, object or thought. 

In this series, ‘EVOL’ (Everything valuable, or simply love), I wanted to capture ideas about beauty, emotional attachment, love in different forms, by still portraying and evoking the classic emotions that accompany love, and what causes individuals to hold a deep and inter-connected relationship between an object or a person in their ordinary lives.

I have focused on portraits that capture this certain mood and universal theme through specific poses, not too structured in their form, but more naturally placed as I want to preserve each relationship into a single photograph which captures a story and moment in time.

Each subject within the photographs presents individuals within an environment they are comfortable in, reminded of what they truly love and share a deep connection with. The delicate and raw motif embodied within each one of the photographs is completely real and authentic, as I am inspired to immerse myself within each story in these photographs and uncover each certain relationship and correlate it through the universal theme of love.” 



Shot with a Lomography Diana F+ Hp650 Standard Edition.

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