Hacking into Apple, impossible or now possible?

If you’re like me and you have had your phone stolen before, you build this immense anxiety that overtakes your whole body and soul and the fact that the stranger that now has your phone, has hacked into it, and gained ALL personal information of yours, and can destroy your life apart.


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If you haven’t been in that situation, good for you, I’m jealous.

In a recent blog I found, it has been said that, 

Security experts have said recently iPhones can be hacked with “alarming” ease using a custom-built charger.

Using the bogus charger, a team from Georgia Institute of Technology managed to infect a phone with a virus in less than a minute.


Shocking, scary, but something that should be talked about more. Almost any individual you walk past every day in your life owns an iPhone. So why aren’t we exposed to these situations enough, we constantly live our lives through our phone, and never think or dare to put ourselves in a situation where someone else is living through our phones as well, for all the wrong reasons too.

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We trust our phones, the companies they are created by, and yet don’t realise the extent of our information, and situations where hackers can do far much then we believe so.


It’s important to keep our devices safe, this means going to the extent of creating a password that is stronger than your current regular one, making sure you’re not constantly letting every one of your followers know where you are at all times, or even being connected to Bluetooth 24/7. 


So if you’re reading, take a minute and think if your phone and information are safe enough, I know I certainly did when mine was stolen. And take another minute to watch an honest and simple guide by yours truly, on 5 simple ways to improve your phone safety.




One Reply to “Hacking into Apple, impossible or now possible?”

  1. Hey Jules! I liked this blog a lot, it was interesting and I liked that you used personal experiences to relate to this week’s topic. In my blog, I spoke a recent hack that happened to NordVPN. I appreciate that we both had different views and perspectives on the same topic. I found this article that talks about why we shouldn’t trust our smartphones. I feel it connects well with your blog this week.
    Well done!


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