Hollywood Hacking

Hackers are real, they exist, either in a James Bond movie or on the street that you live on.


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Personally, thanks to the culture of Hollywood films, I have always lived my life knowing that there was some sort of hacker in a black hoodie, sitting somewhere in a dark room on his computer typing away at some algorithm I would have no clue about.


Whilst this is semi-true, hackers now exist in public spheres, places where you find yourself on a weekly bases, your local cafe, shopping centres, anywhere. And “while pop culture may overexaggerate hacking and cybercrime, it can also educate us.”


Here are some of the cases where Hollywood has hacked away and educated us, even if we don’t realise it.


Ferris Bueller taught us to keep school files private and secure to ensure accurate student records. Ex Machina taught us that we have to be mindful of what we decide to download and the permissions we allow apps to have. These and other pop culture instances are great reminders to stay safe online. 


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One Reply to “Hollywood Hacking”

  1. Hey!!

    Your blog post is funny and informative, making it super easy to read! Your example of Hollywood celebrities is perfect, the examples you further gave from this were actually so helpful in understanding this topic better. You took a different approach to me which was refreshing. Instead of making your blog post boring with a list of info, you added personal touches which really help the audience relate to what your saying. Your mediation this week is super aesthetic. It supports this Hollywood idea further which is great to see. Keep up the good work!


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