It’s peanut BETA jelly time.

  *Has officially uploaded BETA video on YouTube and continues of creating some beautiful DA work until the end of year 2*








After the creation of this music podcast, the creative juices have been flowing, and peeps have been working, editing and talking (lots of talking). Our music podcast, ‘MOOD’- Music, Online, Open Discussion, has been active for over a couple of weeks now and as mentioned in my Youtube video it’s been wild and surprising that we have even managed to earn 7 or so Youtube subscribers, as those bad boys are hard to earn.





Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 4.54.37 pm.png


Youtube link:


The podcast has been recorded and edited weekly, and we have now got 3 episodes live and ready on our Youtube channel (fourth one coming end of this week), each ranging from 15-30 min each about different topics every week. And we plan on filming every week with new topics and potentially having guests on our podcast, such as musicians. The whole teams been filming and talking every week, with Anthea editing and uploading each episode onto Youtube, and myself, I have gone ahead and created a linked Instagram account to the podcast.







I also received an email through the YouTube channel, and this is just an example of our channel slowly growing and we continue on implementing Instagram, and filming every week and growing our subscriber, listeners and overall audience!







So far on the account, I have been posting 30-sec Instagram stories have probably been the most successful element earning up impressions over 1000 times, as well getting our viewers to answer questions which we have gotten several responses too. As well as posting snippets from each podcast every week and then matching it along with graphics and templates that can make the account aesthetic in a current, trending and digital way through colourful glitch backgrounds. We’ve also decided to post photos of live concerts we’ve been too as well as artists we listen too.








As well as Insta Reddit has been another influential platform helping us reach bigger audiences, and help us with starting the podcast itself. Reddit was one of the big helpers that allowed us to gain more YouTube views on our first video as I remember it reaching over 50 views after I made a Reddit post. (Also, for someone who never used Reddit before, this gal has now earned 34 karma and was on 4, to begin with).


Music conversation – What are everyones favourite feel-good songs? from r/CasualConversation


How long is too long for a Podcast episode? from r/podcast


How did you discover your favourite artists/genre of music?? from r/Music



Now it’s just continuing our weekly episodes, branching out to artists, musicians and constantly checking in and uploading on our socials and growing our audience to more than 7 subscribers!


The BETA video:


giphy (2)

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