Ladies and Gents there Is a Beta & It Includes Virtual Reality and a movie.


“The relationship between games and cinema expressed by the technology of Virtual Reality”.



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Since my last contextual blog post, I have indeed progressed a lot more and created a comfortable trajectory for me to continue up until Week 13 when the final DA is due.


I’m now at the stage where I have managed to use all my following academic, popular media sources and scholarly texts to compose a draft script to use in my video essay. As described in my video the script focuses on 5 main parts, in which my topic will flow from an introduction/definition concept, to then my analytical framework, and my game media text, American film ‘Ready Player One’.


I have grouped 8 sources which I found the most convenient, significant, and popular, with at least 4 of the sources being able to provide me with video footage, such as an interview with Morton Heilig’s, and his creation; Sensorama. Which covers one of the aspects become my historical analytical framework



With research, I have discovered the design principles welcomed in Charles Wheatstone’s research with the stereoscope, over time, allowed mankind to slowly but surely create ever richer ways to stimulate our senses, in the universe we live in now, known as the ‘internet of things’.


In saying so, within my script, I have been able to uncover much of the development being conducted in the gaming community parallel to the VR community’s efforts, as it has the potential to affect a greater audience. Which will allow me to redefine Virtual Reality and how it has evolved from the 19th century to what we understand it as, in the modern 21st century.


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This exact idea is mentioned in one of our readings, where the ‘machinimation‘ process involved in gaming industries comes parallel to the works of filmmakers, which is a concept in my Digital Artefact.


“The machinimation process thus demands the translocation of various forms of filmmaking skills.

Such as selecting locations, scriptwriting, animating or puppeteering characters, editing, titling, sequencing, and sound recording, in addition to a knowledge of cinematic and televisual codes and their readings that are crucial for the successful remediation of the game as online video.”


Through this reading and several other sources, I will make the connection between game production and film production, specifically in Ready Player One, as virtual reality has now created the feeling of immersion in the world seen on screen.


Going ahead with the next 7-8 minutes of my audiovisual essay I will include actual behind the scenes footage of Steven Speilburg and his team describing the production and design behind Ready Player One. As well as using footage and evidence to compare film and game design, as this is a key focus in my script.


giphy (1) 4.12.24 pm.gif



The script will run throughout my whole essay, as I will use my own voice to voiceover my sources, insights, historical structure, and the concept of immersion between gaming and filming industries. Having already created a prototype that can be viewed in my next YouTube video, the audience is able to get a taste of what my visual essay style will look like, and from this, I can receive further feedback to know if I should continue in the style I have started with.


BETA Video:



In terms of my audience engagement, this is something I can improve and work better on for the final DA, as my audience engagement worked out to be more worthwhile through feedback on my blog from fellow classmates, and my tutor.


Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.28.40 pm


But unfortunately when posting on social media, I only focused on Reddit and received no comments, so this is something I can definitely try work on and utilize more before the final DA due date. 


Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.29.34 pm



Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.29.26 pm


Having shown the 5 specific parts of my script through Youtube, alongside the prototype I hope in these final weeks I can receive even more engagement, and feedback to help create an insightful visual essay with the ideas and concepts put in focus. 



Reference List:


Barwell, G. and Moore C. 2013, ‘World of Chaucer: Machinima and Adaptation’, in Understanding Machinima: Essays on Filmmaking in Virtual Worlds, edited by Jenna Ng, Continuum: London.



History of Virtual Reality, 2017, Virtual Reality Society, viewed 13 August 2019 <>



Nedelcu M. 2013 ‘Expanded Image Spaces. From Panoramic Image to Virtual Reality, Through Cinema’, National University of Theatre and Film “I.L. Caragiale”, accessed 13 August 2019,



Pinero J. 19 April 2018, ‘In-scope: Is Ready Player One’s immersive narrative fiction or science?’, viewed 10 September 2019.








3 Replies to “Ladies and Gents there Is a Beta & It Includes Virtual Reality and a movie.”

  1. VIDEO:
    I don’t really have a lot of critiques for your video. It’s obvious that you have a firm grasp on your project and how you’ll be structuring it going forward. You spoke clearly and concisely and your prototype looks superb. If I was to nitpick, I’d say that I felt your beta relied on me having seen your original pitch, which I hadn’t because I’m a new audience member. I went back and watched it and then rewatched the beta; I was able to follow it a lot easier then. You did give an overview of your video parts later on in the beta, which somewhat answers that concern.

    Similar to your video, your contextual blog post is well-thought-out and shows that you have a solid understanding of your project and where you need to be taking it. Well done!


  2. Apologies for the lateness of my comment, but I hope that my feedback can still be useful to you.

    I like that you have included the start of your DA within your beta, it helps to get an understanding of your DA.

    I realised though that you mentioned your analytical framework, but didn’t actually say what your analytical framework is. I think it would have been helpful to know what lens you are examining your DA through. In terms of research, I realise that you are probably all over this already, but I think that the readings from weeks 6 and 7 could help you there – there is a bit about machinima in there, which you mentioned in your blog post.

    While not being a reading that will benefit you, I noticed one of the readings is from Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting. This might be a good journal to check the archives of to see if you can find anything relating to your project.

    Although it is the beta and not the pitch, for those who this is the first post they have read on your DA, a quick overview of what exactly Ready Player One is might have been helpful, as I have never seen it.

    Regarding the blog post, a few more links could have been helpful, just perhaps a link to the Wikipedia/IMDB page for the movie, and a link to the subreddits that you posted on.

    Overall, I am impressed with the level of detail you have put into your DA at the moment. Good luck!


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