You May Not Realise It But Google Is Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend.

Ever heard of Google?


Well if you haven’t, (that’s really unfortunate) you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t immersed yourself into the internet, but you’re here reading this blog, so you have definitely heard of the internet, and know what Google is and the multinational company it has boomed into.


Google has become the King of the Internet, while cooperations like Yahoo are the plain ole jane…





And since we all use Google, we don’t really think about how Google uses us…


The company constantly uses our information whether you don’t suspect it or not to make their services better, but ever since the Cambridge Analytica drama, digital and intellectual property have been considered more than ever, with an immense wave of consideration being targeting towards privacy, as generations online are constantly rechecking their privacy settings, or rethinking what they should or shouldn’t post online.


This information that Google knows about you can include:

  • Your name, gender and birthdate

  • Your personal cellphone numbers

  • Your recent Google searches

  • The websites you’ve visited

  • How and when you turned off your bedroom lights last night

  • Exactly where you’ve been over the past several years

  • That I you may like American football, games, jazz, audio equipment, my favorite food & drink and more.

  • Where you work

  • Where you live

  • The YouTube videos you’ve watched and your YouTube searches

  • Every time you’ve used your voice to interact with Google Assistant (as well complete with recordings of your voice.)



It’s become this wholistic anxiety for individuals, and with companies like Facebook and Google being at the forefront of today’s ‘Internet of things,’ we must really how Google knows these certain details about you, as I would like to say, Google becomes your partner, your boyfriend or girlfriend. It knows these exact personal details about you, and It’s up to you if you want to trust Google and continue this close relationship with it because many of use obliviously do and will continue too. 


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