My Television Memory (p.s. includes a lot of dancing).


When I was in Primary school I had a tradition, every afternoon, from about the age of 5 until I was 10, I would act out and made sure my tradition of “no one touch the tv or change the channel from 3pm-4pm” was promised every weekday. 

dog do not touch GIF by Cheezburger
Me after school if anyone disturbed me or touched the television.


I hadn’t been a teenager just yet, it was that age where I lived life through innocence, and relied on television programs to engage and entertain myself in my life, creating those happy moments, and this was all before iPhones, laptops, computers and social media, as they hadn’t been popular at all.


I was a very cheeky child, especially during Primary School, I was a dancer so I loved to watch anything that included music, dancing and fun. That’s when I discovered the show High 5, and my child-like life absolutely changed…


Image result for high 5 tv 2005
High 5 Cast.


Every day after that bell rang at 3pm, I’d rush out of school, either my mum would pick me up and shortly after 5 minutes we would arrive home, or I’d sprint my way out of the school gates to walk/run home to make it on time for my personal appointment between myself and the television. 


Back then the television we had at home was heavy, fat, and quite old, nothing like what I consume my media on now. I remember using my remote control very often and having to bang the fat thing to get it to work sometimes, as it would glitch around.


Image result for 2000s television
A perfect example of what my TV looked like back then.


I remember being told by my mother or my grandma to eat something or take off my school uniform when I get home, but I would never listen and instead was glued to the television screen around 3:30-4pm and from that time, was immersed into the world of High 5, a kids show that focused on different characters, stories, songs, dance routines and games for kids my age.


I would belt out the songs with the cast on the television screen, and I would constantly dance around the living room most likely ignoring the loud volume raging from the television screen, being in my own bubble, where I could forget about my school day, personal problems and focus on the hobbies I loved back then, such as singing and dancing, for that hour every weekday, where no one would judge me, disturb me, and simply just let me be a kid.


Image result for kid dancing around the room gif
This Giphy mirrors exactly what I would look like dancing along to the show at home.


My family could never get my attention during the show, which I guess I could blame on my cheeky and somewhat wild personality, as I would never let anything get in the way of my time watching this program. 


I would constantly dream of being in the audience of this show, and the older I got (which is only up until the age of 10), is where I realised you could apply and join the audience while they filmed episodes for this show. My dreams unfortunately never came true, as I grew out of this show around the age of 10, and started to dislike it as the original cast was replaced by new faces, and this disappointed me and disinterested me.


However, I will never forget the opening song they played every day and every week, and until this day I will always remember the catchy tune, more than most songs these days;


1 2 3 4…HIGH FIVE…..1 2 3 4..HIGH FIVE

Five til the end lets do it together, HIGH FIVE


As well as the original characters on the show, who I either had a crush on, or didn’t like, or loved, I remember always ranking them from my least favourite to my favourite, and I would always discuss them at school with my friends, who I probably forced to watch the show with me at times.


In all this show allowed my child-like personality to become more creative and I believe it did affect me in an overall positive way, I thank my mum for letting me watch this show every day, as I was able to grow and explore my interests and hobbies at the time through a fun and interactive tv show.


The show most likely allowed me to understand my creative side more, as I personally would choose a dance, child program back then, rather than anything else. 

Image result for kids dancing infront of tv gif

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