Critical Self-Reflection of Comments.

First Comment – Sheng Cheng:

For my first comment, I was part of reflecting on Sheng Cheng’s blog post and video, which I believe was my longest comment as I found I had a lot of insight and tips to offer Sheng Cheng. 


His Digital Artefact confused me a little bit as I wasn’t exactly sure about what his exact topic for his Digital Artefact was intended to be. This is something major I included in my comment on his blog. I made sure I could help him as much as I could by letting him know to really make sure to focus on making his digital artefact topic more concrete and specific as he mentioned in his blog he wants to focus on how video games are making individuals more wealthy and then in his YouTube video he didn’t mention this at all, causing my confusion. 


I was able to understand his topic a little bit more by reading his blog and understanding his personal interest in video games. But I still believe his topic needed more work in terms of structure, research and intention,  so I encouraged Sheng to focus on some ideas he could incorporate into his Digital Artefact:


For example:

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.17.45 pm.png
Comment screenshot.


I left these certain options that you can see above and linked an article which I find could enlighten some ideas towards his Digital Artefact that could make it more specific and concrete, and I think it’s also important that he needed more academic and online sources to guide him onto the right path for his project.


He also had some minor issues with spelling and grammar which I pointed out, but I believe Sheng might be an international student, meaning that I hope he may receive consideration in this project as English may not be his native language, and I hope I didn’t misjudge and assume this in a stereotypical way.


Overall I hope I was able to guide him into a pathway which allows him to find some more insight and research regarding his topic, so he can really create an artefact that addresses a relevant topic in current society, as I think he is onto something interesting!





Second Comment – Chris Comino: 

Within my comment on Chris’s blog, I was able to receive a more clear and concise Digital Artefact idea but also have the chance to add some insight and direction he may want to follow in terms of Exclusitiy within gaming (which in hindsight can seem quite broad). 


I pointed out he could focus on social constructs in addition to his games of choice, and it will be up to him if he decides to include this in his Artefact.


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.32.06 pm.png
Comment Screenshot.


I believe I also learnt that being someone, who personally, has barely played video games or has been actively involved in the gaming community, can learn a few ideas and topics through fellow students artefacts, as I found specifically in Chris’s blog post I could  introduce pathways for his visual essay, by finding sources that could create further  investigation within his topic.


For example;  

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.33.46 pm.png
Comment Screenshot.


This made me feel more confident as someone who has had a minimal personal interest or history with video games. 



Third Comment – Caitlin Olsen:


Caitlin’s blog post was quite hard to fault as I believed she covered all aspects of her pitch (both in the video and blog) very well, from the media format to the various types of sources she’s found. 


I believe my comment on her blog post was overall very positive as I agreed with her research intent, and I liked how she decided to do a comparative study to overall prove video games in a positive light and manner.


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.45.15 pm.png
Comment Screenshot.


I thought if I could contribute to her project by discovering a visual source she could use within her Digital Artefact, which I hope she does as I think I found a source that could perfectly describe what her academic sources already cover. Especially in terms of video games being the opposite to violent, as the video I found was newsworthy, as the source was posted through CNN, and featured an interview with a University professor. 


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.48.04 pm.png
Comment Screenshot.



Overall Thoughts:

  • I hope I could be positive and helpful as possible on each comment, and I found it interesting, but was also slightly nervous writing my comments, as I was basically playing the role of Tutor, hoping these students don’t get offended in any way!


  • I believe I engaged quite well with each comment and was able to provide some helpful tips on each blog post, as well as provide some further ideas into research sources, and examples.


  • In the second round of comments, I hope I can maybe provide even more insight into the student’s Artefacts or even notice if any of my advice helped and was useful for each student.


Cheers, Jules.

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