“Hey Mum, I know you hate them, but can I get a Tattoo?”

24th of January, mark that date I tell myself, today you’re doing something that you never thought you’d do, but now you finally convinced yourself to stop putting this off, and you’ve convinced yourself you have the time and the money to finally do this (well not really, but I tell myself I do).

I also convinced myself this isn’t too big of a deal (contrary to what my family may say) but then I’m literally writing about it, so it is kind of a big deal…ish

? ( I think).

And as of the 24th of January, I am 19 years old, and today is the day my mother will either be disappointed or calmly okay with my decision, or just WHACK. 

Getting a tattoo, something I’ve never experienced but thought about a lot during 2018, and now it’s 2019, and what better timing, new year? New tattoo? First tattoo? Ever..? YeAh…

Yes, this a blog post about getting my first tattoo, woo, exciting, but this is more-so of just a before an after recount of my own emotions and thoughts. Is this the day I get something I’ve thought about for so long, or is this the day where I “ruin my skin”, as my family have told me multiple times…


  • It’s my skin, my body, I can do whatever I want with it (but I don’t want to lose the respect of my loved ones)
  • But this tattoo is for a loved one, it’s pure, it’s special, it’s unique, because never have I ever met a woman named Raisa, and let alone someone as amazing and resilient as my own Grandma.
  • “She’ll love it!, it’s for her she can’t be mad” – ahhhhhhhhhhhh…I hope.
  • “Don’t worry it will be great you’ve thought about this for so long, it’s finally time, and it’s merely big, but small and meaningful” *me telling myself this as it’s 10am in the morning right now and I have confirmed my tattoo booking*
  • What if the tattoo doesn’t look how I want it too, what if the artist doesn’t portray my idea the way I want it to be portrayed…. WHAT IF HE OR SHE IS LOWKEY S***
  • NO STOP JULIA. You have stalked this parlour and this artist and not only do they have more followers than anyone close you know they are followed by some of your favourite bands…I think you are okay with this one
  • ( But what if I’m not)
  • My mum…she’s a European parent, they all live and breathe the same values, “DON’T RUIN YOUR SKIN MY LOVED AND PRECIOUS ONE”
  • Shut up. It will be fine.
  • Worrying more about what my tattoo will look like then the pain…
  • Will I come home and be disowned by parents? No don’t be silly they’re not like that, they always try and support you no matter what.
  • Me realising how long my before thoughts are that I’m getting even more nervous about this day..
  • NO. STOP. You want this, this ones for your grandma, you love her and you’ll love the tattoo.

*Many moments later*


*20 minutes later*

My mother came with me….

It was fine.

The pain was merely even there…

The tattoo was perfect…

It only took like 15 minutes…

I love it…

My family liked it too..



I really do love it.

“Raisa”, my grandmother’s first name.

And if you’re someone like me and have wanted to get a simple, small and sentimental tattoo, or something really detailed, I can highly recommend ‘Little art Tattoo” and ‘Kaya’ who was the artist behind my script work.


For now my house is still peaceful, no fires, burns, fights, or crashes have happened as a result of this tattoo, so I can live peacefully and happily with the result, and so can my family.

Wholesome moments for everyone.


Jules xo

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