Do you ever just stare at people? Weird, I know.

People are weird.

Yes, that is a very broad term to state any individual I do not know off, or have never met, but we are all weird.

When I say people are weird I mean it as a compliment, I love weird people, and you can be slightly weird, weird with a tinge, or completely whack, but either way we are all somehow weird, something my mother begs to differ but knows is true as she can become a laughing cow, not being able to stop laughing at the most simplest things around her, like a pillow…

I’m sitting here looking at many people, people who have just become people and are 20 times tinnier then me and still have the whole world ahead of them, then I sit and stare at people who are thrice my age, sitting in mere silence consuming each-others company.

Yes I know,

“Why are you starring at people”.

Is it weird to admit that I enjoy looking at different people, in different scenarios and hear their interactions, sink in their actions and potentially their thoughts?


It’s been 15 minutes since I sat myself down in this particular location, and to the left of my eye I see a couple, Mid 50s or late 40s, a woman and a man.

It’s been 15 minutes and they’ve spoken less then 30 words to each other, I’m beginning to think they’re mad at each other? Or they’re just the type of couple who can sit across from each other in silence for a long time and not question each others thoughts, just soak in each other presence. My thoughts tell me they’re married, with two kids, both studying, either at school or university, and them, owners of a shop, and now, they’re treating themselves to some breakfast.

Then to the right of me, I see two men, both paired with opticals, both sipping tea, both fixated with a watch on their left arm. Conversations galore. Business partners, colleges, old friends or are they family? Brothers in particular, either way they match each other very much, two middle-aged men who seem to be catching up or killing time since it’s currently brunch time. The keep asking each other questions, and then one of them always answers his phone to answer more questions for someone else, a lot of questions…

Now my favourite.

Right in-front of me I see an elderly lady, her back is faced to me, but she still makes me smile. She sits by herself enjoying her own company, sort of like myself, but instead I’m secretly looking at her and admiring her. She seems to be between the age of 65-75, she sits eating an omelette with her own tea pot. Wearing a gentle lilac blouse, her hair short and sweet, brushed against her ears, her purse tucked in between her legs at the bottom of her seat, protecting it whilst she munches away. The thing that makes me smile about her the most is how sweet and calm she looks, and good on her she’s decided to get out of the house and enjoy some breaky to herself, we think alike in that sense, we both potentially needed to get out of the house, at least I did.

You may think to yourself, Jules you started this off by saying people are weird but now you’ve just convinced yourself that you’re the “weird people” in this blog as you are literally just sitting there looking at people and writing about them.

To answer your question yes, but also no.

My whole point is, I may not know these individuals but I know that they are somehow weird, I just haven’t uncovered that part yet, i’ve only uncovered what I’ve seen, and it may be correct or it may be completely wrong, I don’t know. But thats the fun part, I never get to find out…

That was my random blog, very weird but hey so am I,


Jules xo

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