Yes I went to Europe last year and it was life changing. (Part 1)

Yes. My life was changed.

No matter how many people may roll their eyes or say “Ugh we basically saw it through your photos and videos just stop already”, I never really did get to blog about Europe and all the marvellous experiences and memories that accompanied it. So here I am now, and when I write these things, I write them as if I’m still there like I was 6 months ago consuming food whenever I saw it, engulfing the atmosphere and whole spectrum of each beautiful, unique city I discovered along the way in the span of two months.

Destination 1.


A photo taken in the village my family has grown up in since the early 1900s.

Being from Europe myself, this trip wasn’t going to be the same as any other time. Usually anytime I had visited Europe it was to see my extended family in the country of Moldova. Moldova is my second home, Australia being my first as I was born here, but even this time visiting Moldova felt very different, I mean apart from the fact that I could now go overseas and order an alcoholic beverage (which honestly was something that consisted in my daily routine during this trip), but the fact that my little cousins weren’t so little anymore, and this was the first time since 2003 that I was visiting my family’s country in summer. Meaning fruit GALORE!

Okay fruit, so what? No no, when I mean fruit galore I mean no need for Woolworth’s, no Coles, no fruit market, instead of all of these commercial companies, the front and backyard became your local and daily fruit market.

This is just one of the many aspects that make Moldova so unique, the quality of produce in that nation is far more delicious, fresh and ripe then anything I’ve ever experienced before in my own city of Sydney. Not only can you wake up to dozens of cherry trees around you every morning, but you can fetch yourself some water from the well just outside your bedroom window, fancy some raspberries for breakfast? There’s about 200 of them all ready for you, feel like a potato bake for dinner? Well the backyard is filled with hundreds of potatoes, and don’t worry there’s a goat asleep next to them ready to provide you with some super fresh cheese.

T A L K . A B O U T . N A T U R A L . P R O D U C E .

Life is much more simplistic in Moldova, in saying so, I was able to reflect on how slightly sad it is living in this day and age of technology, at it’s rate of diversity, complexity and the fact that it can detach us so much from reality, and truly ‘feeling the moment’. In the beginning I was constantly complaining about no wifi on my family farm, I was gripping my phone by my side no matter what, but after a week on my Grandma’s farm, I suddenly loved the idea of farm life, no wifi, no computers, no laptops, only a small tely in the lounge room, a barking dog out the front, the kitchen, and my family members, and after a busy semester at university combined with the whirlwind of life, I only wanted my phone to show my friends back home what life was really like here, as I had always introduced this country to my friends, with the usual reaction of “Moldova? Never heard of it…”. Of course the country has households with internet, but the village my family is from was one of those tiny places in the world that only concentrated on the aura of simplistic life and the values it carries, no need for the internet when nature charmed you with it’s magic, especially all the wonderful fresh food.

As any other European country Moldova provided me with all the natural wonders of greenery, rivers, FRUIT, animals and the most important the beauty of loved ones in their element, their birth place.

Instead of showing several photos of this experience, I vlogged each of my destinations and decided it would make sense to write about each to allow you guys to try and visualise the beauty within each country and then follow up on your assumed vision of each place and see if you imagined it what it actually looked like.

Here’s Moldova.

Watch out for part 2…

Love Jules xo

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