Ikea I love you but I also hate you.

Now before you even start to read this blog, there is one condition.






By the title of the blog you can already tell two things,

A- Ikea will be involved.

B- Possibly a love hate relationship about it.

If you were thinking either of those things you are correct, BUT WARNING.

If you have never been to Ikea or don’t even know what Ikea is (If you really don’t, have you really even lived life if you haven’t ever visited an Ikea store?), and I would highly suggest that you kindly leave this blog, and visit Ikea, then come back and continue reading….

Image result for shrug gif

Sorry, but you’re welcome. ^^^^

Now recently I have started my Summer holidays, and with all this free time I usually get bored very easily and need something to occupy my time (don’t know if anyone else can relate), but this time I decided I needed a change, specifically a change in my room.


Yes, basically changing my room up a bit more to make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but more spacious, and less 5 year old who still keeps all her toys that she was given in Kindergarden…

So this meant, going to Ikea and buying a few things that would allow me to fit more of my clothes into, and store random sh** in my room that I know I don’t need, but also need (You feel me?).

For most of this part I was super excited, because I LOVE IKEA, and if you don’t, then I’m sorry we can’t be friends. There’s nothing better than a sweet Swedish reminder of ABBA, meatballs, weird sounding names, $1 hotdogs, $4 big breakfast, ABBA, meatballs, did I mention ABBA? oh and the furniture and stuff you know…

Now over the past three weeks I had visited Ikea a few times and picked up some essentials that needed to placed in my room, and over the past three weeks I have also been a lazy sh** and a handy woman (Oxymoron?). 

Ikea you are great, you are strong, you are stylish, you are creative, you are colourful, you are funky, you are Swedish soul, you are food, you are furniture, BUT YOU ARE ALSO A PAIN IN THE A$$.

Now there are certain departments in life where I find I do excel and peak in, but putting furniture together, having screws, hammers, bolts, wooden block thingys involved is where I. DO. NOT. EXCELL. IN. 

And yes I can pay you to put my stuff together, but being a student my only option is to try and AVOID more costs involved and do it myself.

After a total of 10 hours, 3 spent on one drawer, and the rest on another, I was finally able to put my furniture together (with the help of my amazing friends, who lets be real did most of the putting together, but I was still very proud with my contribution and therefore consider any judgements on my behalf in this journey INVALID). 

After all, this does not change my love for Ikea, because damn no shade to Fantastic Furniture or Harvey Norman, but they just ain’t on that Ikea level!

Because you can be lazy like myself and just go to Ikea to have breakfast for a beautiful 4 dollars, and end up leaving not only happy and full, but with a bunch of furniture, some plants, some kitchenware, a lamp or two, a cool funky bed, and some $1 hotdogs, WIN WIN WIN, whereas the others just don’t reach that level…

Love you Ikea, but also please make my life easier next time I have to put together a drawer, or table, because I’m sure there are plenty of others just as clueless as me without any male contribution in there household, only an annoying female adolescent who just wants to redecorate her room as easily as possible xo

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Jules x


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