Our unusual little treasures…

It’s undeniably true. Every town, every road, every street you pass daily to reach your home is filled with magical treasures whether you know it or not.

We constantly pass that one suburb and community we like to call home.

You’re probably reading this and thinking where the hell are you going with this Jules?

Well stay with me for a second….

I’m heading down that certain main road that surpasses your favourite coffee shop, the local bakery where food costs cheaper than what you’d find at Woolworths (cmon we all know a pork roll is cheapppppp cheap cheap and freaking delicious for $4), the local pharmacy, or the really aesthetic flower shop around the corner that you adore and love but don’t buy anything from because you’re way too broke and would rather go Bunnings and get a cheaper plant for half the price?

Or the hair salon that does an okay-ish job for a hair cut but is cheaper anyways and always provides you with a laugh as the Greek lady who owns it can discuss anything from her family to a toothbrush, either way you get where I’m going with this.

Your community, your suburb, no matter how unlikely it is, it is likely that you love and are part of these little things and thoughts that I’m experiencing myself, right now as I sit overlooking the optometrist eating a ham and cheese sandwich that I could’ve made at home but was too lazy to do….

Point of this blog, no matter how old you are you belong to your local town, and are somehow involved in it, it can simply be you purchasing a coffee from the grove cafe, or visiting George in the pharmacy when you’ve got conjunctivitis, or when you need a birthday card for a $1 and visit the hot dollar store because you know for sure they’ll have you sorted and you’ll be walking out with more than a card, but all these useless things you think you need but don’t.

And as I sit here finishing my ham and cheese toastie, I think to myself no matter how old, run down, or perhaps boring this town may seem, there are still so many treasures I love about it and I think you would agree with me about your town, whether you have never put this into perspective you are always sub consciously thinking about it, I mean it is your home after all, and from where I’m sitting, I freaking love this cafe and even more this coffee, I guess they’ve become my little treasures?

Jules xoxo

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