Hola, it’s me Jules x

So in one word or less a great way to wrap this year up would be to say,


(Sorry mum, but if you know me or don’t, I cuss and if that’s not something you’re into you may as well leave now as this is going to be real unfiltered and PERSONAL).

Holey damn, it’s been a very crazy, wholesome, tough, sad, happy, blasting, mysterious, surprising, blessing, fucked year!

Not only has this year been so amazing to me in terms of starting my first year at University and meeting some amazing people I can call my friends, but just being able to travel the world to newer heights, find myself (bla bla we get it) more and learn from mistakes and personal shit, grow as person and grow with close people by my side, and just collaborate and meet new people in general and expand by myself, it has been worthwhile!

As much as bad things go, I have dealt with some sickness this year and just some real low points were personal issues and problems have gotten to the best of me, and it hasn’t been the best, just in general bad luck knocked on my door. But I thought to myself what would really be great, would be to use the remainder of the year to do SOME GREAT SHIT!

I can say that starting University at Wollongong has been my best decision yet. I’m so in love with the campus and the people I’ve met, and it’s been such a great experience, just as a first year student and it’s not only opened up so many new ideas and pathways for me, but it’s just allowed me to become a much more inspired soul, ready to work hard and play hard, ready to create content, any kind, with any purpose,

How gorgeous are all my friends x



Yes I already use Instagram, Snapchat etc etc I have made university Instagram pages for projects and have succeeded in doing so with my friends, but now it’s time to expand and have some more fun ( you know what I mean)…..

O m g. Y o u t u b e!

Yes. I have a 5 month holiday break ahead of me (well more like 4 months sorry I’m over exaggerating) and not only will I be working a lot, collaborating with people, relaxing, shopping, beaching, probably drinking because this is a real asf blog site, no filters, so I’m going to real with y’all, it happens when you’re freshly 18 going into 19, but aside from that I want to create content that I know, I, myself have always wanted to create because I can never stop spamming my friends with shit I have on my mind (ask any one of them they would guarantee this truth) and basically I just love talking about what’s going on in my life even if no one cares, it honestly becomes a form of entertainment for myself since I grew up as an only child and always constantly had to entertain myself (makes sense to me).

So yeah, here comes the typical BLA BLA FOLLOW ME SUBSCRIBE! But come on if you’re a real mate of friend of mine, help a Jules out, and if you have no clue as to who I am, come on the journey of my life and get to know me! I’m sure there will be something you enjoy and hopefully I could entertain y’all as much as I have entertained myself being an only child and filming myself doing or talking about the most random things since the age of 5, even if it meant filming myself and my cat dressing up Barbie dolls (yes I put my poor cat through that painful process I was 5 get over it).

But really I would love to just continue blogging here, not just for University sake, as I’ve learnt it’s kind of a really cool thing to do, not only in a way it kind of kills time when your sick and dehydrated in bed on a glorious sunny Thursday afternoon, but it just takes shit of your mind and sort of let’s you build this niche audience that can also relate with you and share with you, even if they’re halfway across the world from you.

So basically I’m going to finish this up, please check out my new YouTube channel! And even this WordPress! So far I’ve only posted University related posts, but I would love to get into more personal blogs as well & answer any questions you guys have for me!

Here’s my channel,


Be a darl and subscribe, check out my first video it’s a little vlog from my Italian trip earlier this year, go like and comment on the video! I’m planning to post more content soon, as this is very freshhhhhhhhh. So I have heaps of ideas for some videos, and once my immune system allows me to move out of bed and be healthy again I can’t wait to share all of them with you guys!

But for now you can also reach out to me on these other cool things and check em out:

Instagram – @Juliabelikova__


Snapchat – @julia_belikova

Twitter – @JustJulessss


Spotify – Julia Belikova


Thanks so much Guys!

Jules x

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