Do you like Pina Coladas?

P r o t o t y p i n g 

We went through the ideating process but now we are at the stage of Prototyping, a key element of the media making process. Now that we find ourselves in this specific stage it was obvious that certain feedback loops and actions had allowed myself and my friends to entail through FEFO, as we failed our original DA idea, but then found remediation, observed and made a new design process in hopes of a new and fresh idea!

Remember this idea?

Welllllllllllll, as much as me and my friends Leah and Anthea wanted to try and make ‘Time 2 Talk’ a great reality, the process to make it successful made us realise it wasn’t going to work.

FEFO had occurred, and instead of a fast project we found it to be quite the opposite, and not so much simple. We discovered this as soon as we started Day 1 of filming for the Youtube channel, we managed to get 4 subjects to interview on the train but we found it difficult to get people to talk, and we didn’t do such a great job at finding the right questions to ask about specific topics….we weren’t as prepared as we needed to be.

After filming that day we were positive and thought we did a great job, and that this could definitely become a great idea, but shortly after we started editing we realised our mistakes and this made us look back and notice that we were drifting from the FIST motto.

Editing the video was taking a lot longer than it should have, and the quality of the sound in the video wasn’t the best, as at times you couldn’t really even hear the subjects we were interviewing. All these little failures were making us realise we needed a new plan of attack, but also mad us realise, if we wanted to someday come back to this idea, we would be much more prepared for it. Such as have a bigger and better team of individuals, such as students who are great at editing, filming and can help us with using proper equipment, such as cameras, microphones and editing services, as it would be great to keep it and try and come back to this idea sometime in the future during the BCM degree.

But in the end, we still wanted to finish our first video and upload it to YouTube, as an example of our mistakes and what we could have improved on, and this in all became a great example of FEFO but also gave as un insight into what this YouTube channel could potentially turn into in the future with a better design process and prototype.

F E F O  M U C H  ? ? ?

We failed, that’s evident, but we managed to find remediation and put together a new design process and elaborate on some ideas and use our knowledge of what we know best, all three of us. And as of Monday the 17th of September, myself Leah and Anthea were running out of time and knew we had to think of another great fast, simple, inexpensive and tiny idea, and this time much easier, much quicker and definitely more simple with a touch of flavour. 





“If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain

If you’re not into yoga,  if you have half a brain

If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape

Im the love that you’ve looked for, write to me, and escape”

Julia why are you typing the lyrics of the Pina Colada song in your second module blog post???

Let me explain through a short series of events:

Anthea- “Guys quick what can we do….how about like a cocktail page or something I don’t know?!”


Me- “OOOO *starts singing the Pina Colada song”

And from there, a fast, tiny, simple and inexpensive (kind of) idea was created, and so within remediation, we managed to iterate through our feedback loops and develop a new prototype, allowing us to experiment and learn about our audience through Instagram.

“If you like Pina Coladas”, we decided to stick with this catchy name as we wanted this new process to be fun, wild and funky for our audience, and who doesn’t love delicious and fatty food photos followed by aesthetic, stunning cocktail masterpieces?

And within the first day we decided that we were going to be simple and fast by posting several photos of food and drinks per day to increase our engagement and build up an audience. We were able to get back on track with our DA and within the first day we scored over 70 likes on our first Instagram post, with over 200 reaches.

It was now that we found ourselves within the Making stages of the design process, and to our advantage the account only took us a few minutes to make, and we had already built up an aesthetic we knew we would best stick too, and that our potential audience would enjoy, talk about fast?

But we decided to really use our BCM skills and basically reuse our last DA, to not only make our account look impressive, but to build on our followers and look just as fancy and great as any other foodie/drinking instagram. But of course, it’s all about that colourful,  greasy, big, shiny, yummy aesthetic!

After testing out the account and implementing several processes, we found that we were definitely going to stick with the medium of Instagram, and as of last Monday, we were on 300 followers from our previous DA, ‘Kitties of UOW’, and shortly, only a week after posting 3 times a day we had managed to gain more than 100 followers, not fake or $$$ for.

From this:


To this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.05.23 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.04.24 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.04.11 pm.png

After a week of prototyping and experimenting with different photos, comments and tags, we managed to not only gain followers, but build our account, and learn from our analytics and logistics to know exactly what our followers and users on Instagram were doing. Our assumptions were guided by our intuition, and it became very insightful noticing our tiny, fast and simple idea becoming successful. In saying so, specifically noticing details such as our posts doing well mainly on Mondays, and our followers being a big mix of males and females, but mainly males which was great news as we want this Instagram to target all genders, even though cocktails are usually associated within females, and this fact became very interesting.

We managed to discover our exact audience being from the ages of 18-50 as we had followers ranging from young adults, University students, parents (especially mothers) as well as a large and substantial number of bars, cafes and other food/drinking blogs supporting us. To an extent point where each photo we posted, we would often receive engagement from the specific place we visited, and this was great as we wanted the exact locations we visited to notice us and recognise our feed and certain aesthetic.

And within it all we also implemented a range of many different food and drink # to help our performance, and with the hashtags the instagram received a lot more engagement, such as numerous amounts of followers at least minimum 30 likes on each photo.


And as for our followers it seems Saturday has been our most popular day in gaining them…which was another insightful fact to find out, as we can use this to our advantage.

Now we find ourselves at the breaking point of things, we found a medium we liked, put forth a simple and funky idea we would enjoy, and through our assumption of this hopefully building and growing into a great food and drinks blog, our likes and comments now range from 30-70 likes per post which is great, considering we’ve only been posting for a week or two.

As well as posting daily, we have also played around with Instagram stories and highlights, starting a tradition, with ‘Tipsy Tasty’ which will become a sort of review channel for our followers and audience, as we will post photos and videos of places we visit live, and insights on their food, drinks, price and location, in hopes for more engagement, and even collaboration. We found that using Polls allow for further discussion and ideation within our design process, as we are able to not only engage within our users, but allow them to create new ideas, thoughts and activities for us, in order to expand this project.



Through observing our followers, understanding what hashtags work, what photos users like the most, and framing our specific photos within a certain aesthetic we have allowed a rapid prototype to occur. We managed to fail early and escape the loops of our first initial idea, and now our big goal now would be to gain likes in the 100s, hopefully 1000s? And gain more followers, where certain bars and restaurants could invite us along and let us do some free marketing for them? Because we all know this happens and exists, especially within Instagram, as it has become a global trend, for foodie users using this popular platform specifically for marketing and advertising, but essentially showing off your food and aesthetic meals/drinks, allowing consumers to connect with food/drinks from an array of different locations and different types of cafes/ bars/ restaurants.

And of course with popular hashtags as #foodinstagram it is easy for this on-going remediation to occur. And after working with these certain ideas we hope to be able to hit 1000 followers by the end of the DA season, continue remediating with what has already worked since we started this instagram, and implementing new ideas and suggestions from our audience, and overall to hopefully gain more interaction and following. 




2 Replies to “Do you like Pina Coladas?”

  1. What a great example of how FEFO can result in a new and interesting DA idea that you girls are obviously passionate about. I like how you have used Instagram as your platform as it fits in the ‘foodie aesthetic’. However, have you thought about using any other platforms? Reading your blog I think you guys would be great presenters with the relaxed down to earth vibe. Maybe don’t quit your first idea so fast. I understand that video editing and recording takes longer and doesn’t necessarily follow the FIST principle but you could always take your live videos (which I think is a really good idea by the way) and publish it on your youtube account. This then can open up your avenues in terms of a talk show whilst drinking and eating as well as a rating system of the places you have visited. I also like how you have thought of a fun and quirky name which sums up your DA and its aesthetic in a nutshell. I have noticed with my DA that after a couple of weeks of high levels of engagement, levels start to decrease which can be a result of people losing interest in continuous posts about the same thing. Because of this, I have noticed that editing hashtags and updating them often on an already published post can boost audience views again and attract new audience members following the hashtag to be attracted to your post as well as your more recent content. I think in future prototypes you guys should continue live streaming and also include rating polls and question and answer polls to find out what type of content your audience likes seeing and curate more of that content. Lastly, I found that tagging similar places and people in my DA on Facebook and Instagram have attracted a larger audience which if you haven’t done is something you can look into the future. Keep it up the project is looking awesome.


  2. For starters I LOVE this entire cocktail page concept and I think it’s a great idea that you’re using Instagram as the outlet for it because it provides VISUALS which is crucial for ANY foodie type account. I think you guys know exactly what you’re doing and going for in terms of your DA which is great !! The overall vibe + personality is going to attract a lot of following too so I see this DA getting somewhere without a doubt. I know that recording and video editing takes time but doing live videos instead might be easier and could potentially receive more attention as it’s almost like a real time, one on one with your viewers !! And if you guys do struggle and want to record/edit videos I’m happy to help ! Apart from that, keep it going ! I’ll be sure to follow. x


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