This blog is a starter pack…

On this week’s agenda is… “Framing”.

According to ‘Dietram A Scheufele’, a saying that appeared in this weeks lecture was,  “The frame suggests what the controversy is about the essence of the issue”.

And within social media, there is always a story.

These days it may be something online, and this story becomes framed (and viewed), an event may occur and then the story becomes framed again and new media is made.

Now, this may make no sense at all, but something that helped myself make sense of it all is the most savage meme format you can think of.




Julia’s favourite #BCM112 Starter packs.

(creds to all the media makers)

Creds to @klomin10 (twitter)
Creds to myself.
Creds to @jarrodpollard99 (twitter)
Creds to @_antslife_ (twitter)
the starter pack manager meme
Creds to Google.


They can be described as ruthless, savagery and hilariously accurate, and these day’s everyone and everything can be made into a starter pack, ladies and gents there is no escaping them!


But in more formal words, starter packs are just examples of making media and using selection and salience to be passed through a perceptual frame, which then allows a meme like starter packs to simply propagate. 

5 Replies to “This blog is a starter pack…”

  1. Media framing happens everywhere and every day… These are great examples of how even our generation creates frames that can enforce stereotypes or just ridicule ridiculous trends etc. At least we can take this into our own hands now with social media, having had the media frame everything for us beforehand. The media still can frame events incredibly differently depending on their agenda though meaning it is still important for the public to understand and realise what they watch is delivered with a purpose and may not always be “factual,” rather more opinion. Watch this little clip, which shows the ABC’s coverage about 9 and 7’s Royal Wedding coverage. Just goes to show that every program has an agenda and they will even pick apart different news sources to fit their own “agenda”


  2. OMG MY STARTER PACK!!! Hahaha
    You seem to have a great understanding of this weeks topic, its good to see someone highlight the BCM way of thinking about them as well as the normie way! Considering we all love starter packs I thought id share with your the subreddit dedicated to them.
    You have helped me gain a better understanding of everything, through reading your blog week to week. Thank you


  3. Media framing is inevitable and has a significant impact on how we as an audience perceive events. Our perceptions of events are based on how it’s been reported and exposed to us. However… is perception, reality? (very controversial question, in my opinion). The way the media represent a specific topic heavily influence our opinions and frame our knowledge of the issue presented. In most cases, the media will only represent and manipulate the story exposed in order to push forth their agenda. Every media will have a different side, thus a different story will be expressed by each.
    This article shows some of the effects of media framing, particularly in the corporate world:


  4. Hi Jules! Loved your blog post. I found your definition and explanation of the framing concept to be really specific and helped me truly understand the topic. Your link to starter pack allowed the concept to be understood better in a more modern context and the starter packs you shared were not only funny but allowed a perceived reality to be expressed through a communicative text, which links to framing perfectly. You should try expressing starter packs in other forms, such as a Spotify playlist! I found this great article that goes into more depth about starter packs!


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