Want to hear a story? Specifically a Transmedia one?


As humans, we tell stories at different times, usually to explain or illustrate something, to persuade someone and/or to amuse or entertain.

We tell and consume stories across, and using, different platforms because we’re curious little creatures. We wonder: how might that story look from a different perspective? From a different character’s standpoint? What happened to the characters after the ending? How else might the story be told?

What Henry Jenkins likes to explain, transmedia stories,


  • where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience




A perfffeeeecccctttttt example:



M A R V E L.

From blockbusters to hybrid and distributed content.



Originally starting off as a little company in 1939 called Timely Publications, to then Atlas comics in the early 50s, to then the famous Marvel Comics that we know in 1961, since a decade ago Marvel has managed to produce 19 movies, starting off with Ironman, (as seen is phase one). But since then Marvel has not only created some of our favourite movies, but comics, video games, TV shows, and action figures.

So where to find multiplatform storytelling now? Thanks to social media and mobile technology, nearly everywhere.


Image result for marvel  gifs

2 Replies to “Want to hear a story? Specifically a Transmedia one?”

  1. Isn’t it funny to think that we do tell the same stories over multiple platforms without realising? I know that I and many others do, but other than being annoying is telling one story over multiple channels all that bad? Your example of Marvel is a clever way of showing how industry dynamic, technology dynamic, and economic dynamic has occurred over multiple generations, and it’s not just a new concept rather over time, a developed theory. Have you ever thought that telling the same story or versions of the same story over multiple channels are different entry points for fandoms and audience engagement which like Marvel, will boost their franchise resulting into the continuing development of comics, films, tv shows, games and much more. Another interesting point to consider with Marvel and transmedia stories is that the multiple content opening platforms for engagement leads to the drive of imitation and further the propagation of memes. This propagation of memes drives collective intelligence and further communicates content to audiences internationally.

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  2. Marvel is a great example, as the company used different platforms to increase audience engagement and this has allowed them to expand in multiple ways. Through this, Marvel has increased its popularity and become one of the best known brands. Great blog post!


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