Just a quick little fun fact… we didn’t actually get kicked out of Kmart.





In reality, this video should’ve been called, 

“Three white girls take on Kmart, thinking they’re funny and understand the BCM 112 subject by using examples in store, EMERGENT MEDIA”. 

As all three of us epically managed to fail at being funny, we did cover certain topics covered from our Week 8 lecture but as well as the whole course.

  • Starter packs- important, and Travis’ most favourite meme.
  • Trajectories of convergence- Non- Linear to be exact, with a great example of a $5 toy (how cheap, wow Jules loves a bargain). 
  • Intellectual property, and copyright- with a great example of a Disney card, possibly something that cost more than the $5 toy, because Disney. 
  • AESTHETICS, AESTHETICS, AESTHETICS, ( did someone say a watermelon pencil case?)

Now that you’ve read this blog, go and watch the video again so you can waste another 5.5 minutes of your life x

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.14.10 pm.png

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