But what is a meme???

Memes propagate themselves…

But before we further explore this, WhaT Is AcTuaLLy a MeMe?????




What every teenager considers a meme- “they tagged me in a meme on Facebook, I reacted”

What every teenager in BCM 112 actually learned-  Memes are “ideas, actions, and perceptions that spread from mind to mind”.


(My Gifs aren’t marvel related at all…)


Back onto the propagation…

A great example, PEPE!!!!!!




The Pepe meme was and is still living, but otherwise, the entire process behind Pepe explains propagation.

It started out as a small image in a cartoon and now Pepe himself can be anything you want, a cat,  a crying student, Sir Donald Trump…you get it.

Not only, Pepe, there are now hundreds of meme formats that have further developed and propagated, but it is Meme Warfare where all the propaganda happens, its all about perception if we don’t like a meme it simply becomes FaKe NeWs.

3 Replies to “But what is a meme???”

  1. Hey Jules! I found your blog post this week to be really intresting, and I really liked how you addressed and explored the pepe meme, the process of how this simple image became such a worldwide phenomenon is truly amazing and does express the true power of internet users. The importance of perception is another great point you touched on. For more information, you should check our this journal article! http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1536504213511210


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