PoWer oF NetWoRkS.

Let’s start off with an honest, but just a tadddddddd savage fact.


Travis: ” Journalism is a profession in crisis”.




AKA. The internet has taken over.


It is the “most efficient medium for matching demand and supply”, advertising has fallen off a cliff…




In other words, nothing is produced in a traditional and old-fashioned sense, and for this exact reason the internet becomes the ‘Captain’ within the legacy media model, as artefacts and products and generated through different modes of media production. 


I N T E R N E T =, no structure, no hierarchy, total freedom.


“These online spaces “thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, stresses, love, adventure, risk and uncertainty” (Taleb), thus explaining the distribution of content that we see across the internet. 







3 Replies to “PoWer oF NetWoRkS.”

  1. I’d just like to say that Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best show ever and that gif makes me really happy! Anywhoooo… Its crazy to think that everything today is based of something that already exists. One can simply find something they like, make it/ modify it and claim it as their own. Makes you wonder what the future will be like regarding copyright and how it will be moderated. I found your post to be very easy to follow and the fact you put your personality into it made it for a great read.


  2. Hi Jules! I really liked your remediation this week and thought it related to the topic really well. I think your spot on about the future of advertising, with all these advancements in technology and the new found freedom in social media, what truly will happen to the traditional form of advertising. I think your right in terms of the internet having no structure, with anyone and everyone being able to post and create content the internet truly has complete freedom in terms of user accessibility. I found this article on the demise of legacy media, you should check it out! http://www.businessinsider.com/the-slow-death-of-legacy-media-2016-10?IR=T


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