Does Beyonce matter?


For anyone who’s read my “about me” blog would instantly know the answer

Y E S. 




I mean the fact that I’ve been a member of the ‘Beyhive’ since I could consider myself a teenager could indicate that I would say yes.


But “Does Beyoncé matter?”



As a massive fan of Beyoncé, I know that this sort of question could propose much discussion.

To be exact, these sort of statements, (BUT WHY QUESTION HER! Sorry, inner fan.)

  • “Beyoncé is overrated”
  • “Why do people like her”


Why do people even like her? To be completely honest I couldn’t speak for billions of people, but I can speak for myself, I completely adore her for her artistic capabilities, the fact that she puts so much effort to create the most captivating and creative performances in the 21st century, and she can actually sing, no lip syncing required.

But chiefly, she has the ability to connect with so many individuals, move and inspire them through her performances, and her overall presence in society as a worldwide figure can prove that she does have control and ownership over the media.


Her Instagram is a perfect example, 



Screenshot, @Beyonce Instagram


 113 million followers, yet she doesn’t follow one individual, talk about power?


Beyoncé has constantly grown and evolved with music genres, especially in her current  visual album, ‘Lemonade’, which set the world into a frenzy, ‘such a response may seem normal considering Beyoncé’s lofty position in the music industry, but the album has reached beyond pop culture for more reasons than this’ (Fairclough, 2016)  






There are many several other principles that may explain the profound concern in this work, importantly involved with liberation, race, identity, but especially feminism and black pride. “Lemonade disrupted our inner ear, throwing us off-balance as we confronted the breadth of all we have missed, ignored, and submerged by pushing black womanhood, even our own, to the margins” (Harris-Perry, 2016)

(Beyoncé utilizes her performance to concern the audience with the shootings currently taking place in society, by incorporating them in her performance at the 2016 VMA’s.) 



Live performance of ‘Pray you catch me” from the visual album Lemonade at the 2016 VMA’s


Especially during such a digitally rapid time in the world, ‘mass media is a significant force in modern culture’ (Cliff Notes, 2016)  and with such a prominent role within the mass media, Beyoncé was able to touch the lives of many in terms of inspiration and immediacy.


As she further continues to break the music industry rules, already held righteous of 22 Grammys (more than any other female artist in history), ‘she opens a discourse that explores the place of famous women as agents of both political and monetary prowess.  And that in itself is worthy of respect’ (Fairclough, 2016).


And standing by my answer, yes, she does matter, I think any artist matters once they use their talent, status, and power to reflect liberation and concern across a global scale in society, especially as they delve into potent subjects like represented by Beyoncé in Lemonade. 



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6 Replies to “Does Beyonce matter?”

  1. Reading your blog post allowed me to see another point of view of Beyonce, and as I love her myself, it really caught my attention. I love that you added in gifs and the video link to make the post a lot more interesting. Adding in the Instagram part was great, as soon as I read it I was shocked, 113 million followers is insane!! You really hit the nail on the head with this post and I think that people who were sceptical, would read this and has a better understanding of why she does matter.


  2. Hey Jules! Wow! I find it so interesting how Beyoncé manages to manipulate the media and stay one of the most relevant people in pop culture, while not doing traditional media interviews and not following one single person on Instagram; talk about influence! The visual album Lemonade seemed to be how Beyoncé’s media ownership debate began, with reviving the album format, and releasing the album with no marketing or promotion and still managing to get to number 1 in less than a day, her influence over the media is beyond amazing! I found myself researching the topic more online and came across some great information and points, you should check them out! Loved this article as it goes more into depth surrounding how Beyoncé can bend the media and the public to her will.


  3. Hi! I have to confess that as a ‘Behive’ member myself, my comment might be biased but I loved the way you have written your post. I like how you gave different examples to show Beyoncé’s power in the media and why this makes her so important. I especially loved that you included her Instagram account to prove how many people she can influence and inspire. Also liked the link to her performance on the 2016 VMA’s to show how her performances, especially after ‘Lemonade’, raise awareness to issues as the shootings in the US. Good job! 🙂


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