Media. iPhone. Trajectories.


Gone are the days your mother pulled out a video camera to capture you blowing out your candles on your birthday. Instead, we have this computer sort of gizmo thing that seems to capture, read, synthesize and detect anything and everything we do, aka the iPhone. 

Scary enough, the iPhone has managed to become a magnified complexity and is still is increasing and intensifying in technological advancements, but importantly as mentioned in the lecture, it is something that has undertaken “the flow of content across multiple media platforms” (Henry Jenkins).


Convergence, this non-linear process, which has given birth to such unpredictable forms of mediums, such as the holy grail of all technology, the iPhone.





‘The medium is the message’

Marshall Mcluhan



Mediums are extensions of ourselves. And transitioning from an analog to a rapidly digital world has allowed a screen based format.
Over time we as individuals who consume media and messages have evolved from papyrus and books to consuming media, and participating in its content, and overall the iPhone for me has become the most significant example of participation and consumption.
From social media to producing text, making phone calls, social media presence,  producing videos, live, 360-degree angle photos, time lapses, face time, maps, everything is simply a touch away, the flow of content is out of control, and these days who needs a wallet when you can simply pay with your phone?
(Google image meme)
The trajectories of convergence have proven that change in the medium, will always create change in us the audience, and as a common fact, here we are, a changed audience, rapidly digital and still changing with the internet, the iPhone and generally speaking, technology in its many magical and transformative forms.
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2 Replies to “Media. iPhone. Trajectories.”

  1. Hey Jules! Loving your blog at the moment, and I thought this post was super interesting. I thought it was really insightful how you showed the before and after of life with the iPhone, this allowed me to understand the shifting medium through this analogy. I really liked how you touched on the changing audience, which is often overlooked but vital to McLuhan’s term. I thought your gif was a funny take on McLuhan’s ‘the medium is the message’ as well as relating to the overall concept perfectly. Next blog post maybe try a soundcloud podcast or a YouTube video!

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