KiTtiEs oF UoW.


Week two, 9:30am and the roaring of “Meme machine” throughout the room, more memes, a bunch of indecisive and weirdly funny individuals slightly obsessed with Twitter, and of course the famous “Ted”, and his very captivating shoes, or whatever you want to call them… kicked off another digital week for me, but more so the lecture and Ted’s inspiring, but simplistic views on the internet and our Digital artefact had tempted me to pursue something that I adored, cats.


(Shoes or? Comment your thoughts)

Throughout the lecture and tutorial individuals including Ted, Travis, Doug, and past BCM 112 students stated the fact that we should focus on spending our time producing an artefact on something we love and genuinely adore, so I thought to myself what better than cats? And just before the lecture ended, I had turned to my friend Anthea and I had asked her a question, hoping she would reply with the enthusiasm and same idea as me, and from there she had agreed to work with me together for our DA, and shortly after that evening the “The Kitties of UOW”  had become a thing, or at least an idea.

 (My mind when Anthea agreed to go ahead with Kitties of UOW)

GIF image-209C5722E2EF-1
Mi$h Mi$h

And as the week progressed and more thought and decision making went into this idea, we had come to the conclusion to portray both of our cats on Instagram as students of UOW and from there let the rest follow through…





Follow the highly anticipated @KittiesofUOW on Instagram-

Also, like our FB page KittiesofUOW-




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