There’s me counting down the days until I started University and this Blog, here we are on the 26th of February 2018. Painfully and slowly transitioning from being a HSC student in High School to a day one university student, boy I feel so insecure and to be honest, cringe.

Those ‘first days of year 7 chills’ were kicking in real hard…nostalgic as I walked into campus unaware of what my first lecture would be like. Not only did me and my new University friends feel so tiny and completely anxious to sit down in a lecture for 2 hours, but we were also embarrassing ourselves as we were trolling around campus trying to find our lecture room for 20 minutes even though it had been 100m away from us the whole time.

As well as walking past Boost on campus aggressively yelling, “Yep, that’s going to be me every day, getting a boost”, turning a few heads on the way, as I’m guessing several 2nd-year students and so on were judging us incredibly, probably laughing at us on the inside as we were still oblivious to the major negative realities of university, which surprisingly became a meme several times in my first very lecture #BCM112, and so I meme on.





#BCM 112, our lecturer Travis Wall started things off for my subject ‘Emergent Media’, and as confused and intrigued me and my friends all were, for somewhat majority of the lecture we all kept asking each other “guys real question though… do we call him Sir or like Travis, or like Mr. Wall?”

But in all seriousness sitting in that room for 2 hours looking at unexpected memes of Hilary Clinton, Pewdepies lil Youtube meltdown was the best feeling an 18-year-old could want at the time of 9:30 am. Here I was thinking I would want to fall asleep but instead I was quickly and easily lured in to the dynamics of media convergence, whilst being inspired with digital artefacts and being told to just ‘encounter reality’ through the practice and participation of media, an online presence, which was just enough to make me sit back and be intrigued for the road ahead in building 25 #BCM112.

Here’s Pepe…but also me when I realized the whole lecture was a Prezi full of memes.



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